Phases of Our AWS Cloud Migration Process

Pre-Assessment & Readiness Assessment Report:

Pre-assessment and readiness report: We assess your business drivers, service performance, availability, architecture and technology for your IT systems and applications and generate a Readiness Assessment Report (RAR). The RAR shows the dependencies, data collection and detailed analysis of the type of migration pl

Proof of concept (POC)

We build a pilot by creating the environment, migrating the data and deploying existing IT systems and applications in AWS to validate and measure success with AWS cloud technology.

Data Migration

We identify your defined data migration strategies which include identifying the destination database, database creation and backup strategy. We initiate the data migration by migrating the fileservers to AWS S3, commercial RDBMS to EC2 + EBS, and MySQL to Amazon RDS.

App Migration

We suggest the appropriate app migration strategy based on your requirement and budget (Forklift Migration Strategy or Hybrid Migration Strategy) and apply the same. app migration process includes building ‘cloud-aware’ code as needed and creating Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)

Final Validation

Final validation stage of AWS cloud migration includes leveraging other AWS services (including auto-scaling service, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Elasticity MapReduce), automation of elasticity & In-Cloud SDLC, upgrade process, hardening security, creating dashboard for your elastic datacenter to manage AWS resources, and leveraging multiple availability zones by creating a business continuity plan to achieve high availability.

Optimisation, Security & Maintenance

The sixth stage of our AWS cloud migration service includes the optimisation of your cloud-based application and IT systems based on its usage and demand to reduce costs (by terminating the under-utilised instances and leveraging Amazon EC2 reserved instances), manage its usage (by implementing advanced monitoring & telemetry), and maintain security (by reengineering your application, decomposing your relational database and implementing best practices).

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